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About Us

I'll let you know more about me and my family. I'm married to a beautiful, amazing woman of God the Queen of my life: Kennetta Morgan. I'm dad to two sweet princesses, and three mighty princes Rynisha, Lauryn, and Lawrence Jr, Trey, and Joshua.


I understanding where I come from. I'm a country boy with city potential as a business man. I graduated with a Associate Degree in Biblical Psychology as a Christian Counselor and A Life Coach through John Maxwell. I own three companies Eternal Life Record Booking Agency's, Center Me Counseling Service, and Kingdom Empowerment Place which are both a for profit and a nonprofit organization.

People in Church


To advance the Kingdom of God by empowering his people.


To impact the people through teaching them the ways of the Kingdom.

1. The Way of the Kingdom: through "Kingdom Citizenship Class."

2. The Arts: through music, drama, and entertainment.

3. Marriages: Through conference, events, and C.ouple U.s P.assionately I.dentify D.estiny

4. Street Outreach: widow, poor, and reentry.

5. Entrepreneurship: empower people to start own business for the Kingdom and helping them to florish

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