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E.L. Booking Agency

Our Services

The experience of our clients make us a one stop shop for all clients. We offer tailor-made services to fit the individual requirements unlike anywhere else. Most importantly, we will be the first and only agency that will offer, and pioneer, activities for the public with different venues, professional groups, and expansion networks worldwide.

Working with our firm will be easier than working with others. We are positioned as an outstanding agency that is an inspirational resource for talented people and an entertainment provider for all parities. We will differentiate our consultancy services through the combined experiences of our professional consultant team.

We will provide a wide range of shows for diverse crowds. The experiences will be inviting, comfortable, fun and an experience like no other. We will offer artists and opportunity to get music played on major stations and build platforms on music scenes to be recognized by audiences that have never heard them before. We will build a specialized brand nationwide by social networks and other proven systems. Many networks and platforms will be available for our clients.



Eternal Life Booking Agency has a mission to provide excellent services by getting artists to the right market, managing client's careers, and consulting the client concerning their business strategy and growth opportunities. At our agency we will help our client's experience like they've never seen or heard before.


Our clients will deliver high-quality experiences that will be different from the rest. Their services are unique and innovative and competitive with today's market.

Our clients will deliver an excellent quality of performance and production, their services are cost efficient, and they will also offer promotional items to expand the exposure. For them, they will gain new supporters and expand their brand.


Our Packages

Each booking package level includes production CDs, Marketing commercials, and slots for the event as agreed upon by the contract.

The Gold and Platinum packages include areas such as Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, etc. Contracts ar required. Deposit may be required (non-refundable)

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